Alda, you MUST play again!

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Nothing in life is certain except death. The one thing that everyone fears.

Hearing the news of my younger brother having urgent neurosurgery very early Thursday 29 March 2012, from 6000km away in Sydney Australia, I couldn't comprehend the severity of my brother's condition.

My parents were too distraught to tell me the details. My dad kept the painful points from me. Yet, the amateur journalist in me craved more details, more facts. What on earth happened? Why?

When my cousin, a former operating theatre nurse, sent me the message that she had seen my brother's CT scans and the medical report, I jumped at the chance of telling the world about it. It was information that I was emotionally hungry for - and wanted to set the story straight.

Emotionally clouded, it never occurred to me how it was just the interpretation of one person. The wrong person, professionally.

Today, I heard it direct from my brother's neurosurgeon Dr Zurin who showed me my brother's CT scans. The one who was operating on Alda the night he was taken to the Emergency.

On admission, Alda only had a 20% chance of survival. His eyes were unresponsive and severely dilated.

Just prior to when he collapsed mid-song during a rehearsal session, my brother was sure to have suffered a headache, nausea and vomiting. They were typical signs of a haemorrhaging stroke. The CT scan demonstrated that the left area of his brain, the basal ganglia, was damaged by a blood clot the size of a strawberry (more or less) due to a bleeding capillary.

Dr Zurin said that the volume of the blood clot had pushed Alda's membrane to the right side. Alda's blood pressure levels were critical. Thankfully, the blood clot was fresh and there were no signs of gelling.

The surgery procedure was conducted immediately in order to drain out the clot and all other excess fluids that may have accumulated in his brain. To ensure that no other excess fluids continue to clot the brain area, a temporary external ventricular drain (EVD), also known as a ventriculostomy tube, was planted into the side of his head.

Upon post surgery, the doctors conducted another brain scan to detect if there were residual blood. The surrounding area where the blood clot lived demonstrated obvious injury, inflammation and dead brain cells. His brain is currently swelled to a slight bulge as a result, and removal of part of his skull bone for the whole procedure.

Dr Zurin however confirmed that my brother did not suffer from cerebral aneurysm or a vascular malformation. Neither were there any tumours detected.

In the meantime, the medical staff are keeping a close eye on his critical blood pressure levels ranging 160/100, which could potentially cause another round of bleeding.

In spite of this, my brother has shown positive signs since the operation. His right pupil has begun responding to light, and his motor response signals are showing extension to painful stimuli. On a Glasgow Coma Scale, Alda was 5/15 4T. He is in a coma classified as severe disability - in an unconscious state with no meaningful response, nor voluntary motor activity.

The part that completely devastated me was when Dr Zurin explained the potential impairment my brother would suffer when he does regain consciousness.

Alda might be speech impaired. He may be able to understand, but will find it difficult to communicate.

He might have no control his whole right side may be weak and cause difficulty walking.

Alda might have the loss of the use of his right arm, and the dexterity of his hand.

Hearing this shattered my world to a million micro pieces. My musician brother, who plays the bass and passionately plucks the strings - may not be able to play again!

God, why do you give my brother such an amazing talent, and then take it away?

Why my brother?

He was your Evangel, your Young Warrior. You are supposed to be Gracious to him!

Why have you forsaken him?

God, please please let Alda PLAY his bass again!

I don't know if I could live to watch my 29 year old brother lose the one thing that brought light to everyone's lives.

Alda needs to recover.

God make Alda whole again!

Heal him, completely.


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Hi there,

Alda will heal.. no doubt about that. Trust the Lord, as He never stops working (John 5:16-17) and I believe He has a bigger plan for Alda (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

I'm not too sure if you have seen this but this is a very powerful sermon from Nick Vujicic

Also, do you still remember what happened to Job in bible? God will definitely bless Alda!

Take care.

In Christ,
Pepper Mate

Luke 11:10

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.